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Go Solar
Go Solar RVing
recognizes the need to offer complete solar solutions and the PowerFilm product line brings innovative, total solar solutions to niche markets.  Recreational Vehicles, Watercrafts, Aircrafts, Emergency Response, Electric Vehicles, and Disaster Relief markets are just some identified markets to reap the benefits of solar energy, especially lightweight, flexible, durable, thin-film solar panels already proven in the field.

PowerFilm Solar chargers can charge your batteries and a variety of electronics anywhere the sun shines.  So go ahead, travel farther from the shore and deeper into the wilderness – knowing You’ll never be without power!

Our products

Flexible / Durable, unlike crystalline solar cells that are prone to shattering, our solar modules are flexible. Rollable Solar Panels resist point damage extremely well, resulting in a charger that still functions, with minimal loss of output.
Weatherproof a perfect solar solution for wet and water-logged environments. Rollable solar panels are fully waterproof and constructed with marine grade connectors to provide a portable solar solution for marine environments.
Lightweight, our Foldable solar chargers are extremely lightweight and compact, with the largest charger easily stored in a backpack or laptop bag. Our rollable line weighs as less as 0.6lbs/0.29kg.
Eco-Friendly, PowerFilm is made of silicon, a natural resource in abundant supply. PowerFilm is Cadmium Free, unlike some other solar technologies and performs well in diverse environments, including hot sun and does not suffer from wasted over-voltage.


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